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ARC Review: Greg Honey by Russ Gregory (@rgnaustin)

Greg HoneyFrom the blurb:

Honey Agency: If we can’t solve your problem, we’re sorry.
Greg Honey has bigger issues than a sketchy tagline for his one-man detective agency. To start with, his mother is pressuring him to date debutantes, his stalker keeps leaving threatening messages, his new boyfriend is at least four levels higher up on the gay boy food chain, and his best friend, Willa, has lost her panties. To top it all off, things keep pointing toward trouble at the family estate. Will Greg figure out what’s going on in time to help Willa find her panties? Lord knows he wants to because Greg is more than a detective… he’s also a Honey.

Sandra's rating:

Hilarious mystery with a gay dick for hire and an assortment of notable characters that will have you laughing throughout.

Greg Honey's family is rich. Greg himself, not so much. While he lives on their estate, Momma is holding on tight to those purse strings and continues to remind him that he needs to marry a nice girl and have a bunch of kids.

Unfortunately, Greg is quite not down with that plan, since he's lusting after Matt, an actor at the local theater. Oh yeah, Greg's gay, not that it's a secret but it's just not spoken about. Greg didn't get that memo.

But this book is not about a romance between the two men, though that does develop quite nicely, albeit with much fade to black (not a damn sex scene in sight, wth?), but the focus of the book is on the mystery of gun-toting chatter box Willa's disappearing panties, whether Billy is cheating on Russ and whether Milton is a drag queen or not. Oh, and toss in the fraudster who claims workman's comp but still can climb out of windows, a married cop with the hots for Greg, and you have a book that will have you howling with laughter throughout. Greg's grandmother Lucille is an old biddy who will say whatever pops into her head, whether it's appropriate or not. Her little chat with the governor had me in stitches.

The irreverent and self-deprecating writing style, the absolutely nutso cast of characters and the ever-changing tag lines that Greg employs when answering the phone at his detective agency, plus the many, many hilarious one-liners made this an outstanding sophomore novel.

The author did a fantastic job plotting out his book. There's not a slowdown in sight, the plot moves at a rapid pace and unless you read each line carefully, you will miss a zinger or an important piece of information. Once Greg (and the reader) figures out how everything is connected, you are left with a wonderfully satisfying ending and still wanting more.

An excellent book to take with you to the beach this summer, or to curl up with in your favorite reading nook. Just make sure nobody is around to look at you funny when you burst out laughing every few seconds.

I look forward to much more from this author.

I received a free ARC from the publisher via Netgalley. A positive review was not promised in return.

Available on September 17, 2013 from 

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