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Insatiable Reads Tour: M.G. Morgan - Sacrifice (@insatiablereads)

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Today we're hosting M.G. Morgan and her new novel


From the blurb:

The moment Sam looked at me, I knew he saw me. The real me, not the one I pretended to be. He saw beyond my pretense to the girl beneath. The girl who cried herself to sleep at night. The girl who pushed people away, when all she really wanted was for someone to look her in the eye and tell her everything would be alright. That life wasn’t always pain. That living wasn’t always this difficult. That the ones you loved didn’t always leave you behind. In that moment, Sam saw me, and I saw him. And I knew without a doubt that I would love him and he would betray me. 
Natasha Masterton, a young college student on the verge of graduation, has the world at her feet. But all is not at it seems. Her mother is dead and she hasn’t seen her father in over three years. The only dealing she has with him is when he deposits her allowance into a bank account every month. Her father’s lack of interest has hardened Natasha to the rest of the world, leaving her cold and more than a little broken. When Sam Harker crashes into Natasha’s life, asking questions about her father and dragging up the past, Natasha’s interest in piqued. The more time she spends with him, the more she falls for his easy charm and quick smile. But Sam has secrets of his own - secrets that threaten their blossoming relationship. And when the real reason for Natasha’s fathers disinterest becomes apparent, a sacrifice must be made. Love, honor and duty collide… risking more than just a broken heart. Sometimes love is worth the ultimate price.

Ten Facts about Sam Harker:
  1. His most distinguishing features are his eyes, he has one blue and one green.
  2. When he was ten, his brother dared him to climb the old oak in the middle of the park. He made it three quarters of the way to the top before his hand slipped and he fell, breaking his wrist. Eight weeks later, when they took his cast off he climbed the tree again and this time made it to the top before he fell, breaking the same wrist, this time in two different places.
  3. He is very family orientated and extremely loyal. When his mother’s cancer returns, he agrees to something terrible in order to pay for her medical care.
  4. Although he’d never admit it, he does believe in love at first sight. And from the moment he lays eyes on Natasha he knows she is the one for him.
  5. He tries to do the right thing, even when he knows it will cost him the woman he loves.
  6. He’s afraid that he’ll turn out just like his father. It’s one of the reasons he works so hard at being good.
  7. In a back alley fight when he was nineteen and ambushed, his opponent pulled a knife on him. Although he got one lucky shot in, grazing Sam’s abdomen with the blade. It was Sam who walked away from the fight and didn’t need to attend the hospital.
  8. His favourite food is ham and pepperoni pizza.
  9. The first time he saw his father stumble home drunk and collapse on the doorstep, Sam swore he would be different, no matter what.
  10. Holding Natasha in his arms is the safest place on earth that he knows.

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About the author:

Writing has always been M.G.Morgan's passion. Love and romance are two of her favourite things to write about. She writes heroes and heroines to fall in love with. She is a crazy cat person. And she loves to curl up in front of the fire with her husband and one true love and watch a scary movie.

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