Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Review: Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside (Chaos, #2)
From the blurb:

 Lanie Heron isn’t looking for love—no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club...

For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She’s too polished and too classy for his tastes. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can’t say no. And he doesn’t regret it when he finds that Lanie is the best thing that’s ever happened to him—in or out of bed. Now the trick will be to convince her of that.

Heather's rating: 

I've had enough. Kristen Ashley fans, cover your eyes, because I think that...


Her books are not that great ::ducks to avoid a punch::

I have to say, I get why people love her. I found certain parts of this book to be both entertaining and smoking hot, so folks, I get it, I get it. I even was sucked in at times with the sexy, possessive alpha male talk. However, I cannot overlook the fact that her main characters are clones of one another. CLONES!! They talk the same, they walk the same, they bone the same. The same!!! Each Kristen Ashley man (well, at least in the Chaos series) loooooves to leave off pronouns when talking. I think KA thinks is sounds masculine.

It just bugs me.

Each KA girl is promised to be feisty and smart but instead they all turn into blinking, silent, sex-mimes. There is a lot of whining in this book from Lanie and she just didn't work for me as a sympathetic character. Hop was exactly like Shy to me. I almost couldn't tell them apart at all. They way that they treated women in the past, the way they treated their girls now, the way they talk... identical. I almost couldn't differentiate them.

I honestly felt bored during the second 1/2 of the book. The lack of a plot really got to me. There is just one long string of drama that forms some semblance of a plot.

Uncle! I cry uncle on the Chaos series!!

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