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Blog Tour: Pipe Dreams by Destiny Allison (@SFSculptor #PipeDreams)

Today we shine the spotlight on Destiny Allison and her new book

Pipe Dreams

From the blurb:

Beneath the park bench, a young girl cries for help, her voice a cold hand on Vanessa’s throat. “Please,” the girl whispers, a tear trickling down her battered face. Vanessa glances at the empty square. A piece of trash tumbles. A bird settles in a tree. Then there is silence — no voice, no wind, no movement. It’s as if the world is waiting. The naked girl is desperate, but compassion for the Fallen is never forgiven. Vanessa’s hesitation is her undoing. Unbeknownst to her, Lewis is still haunted by her thick, auburn hair, serious eyes, and mocking laughter. She is the symbol of all he hates and her interaction with the girl is just what he needs to gain control of the virus. Originally developed to save mankind from itself, the virus can be used to create a slave race. When it is released, Lewis will have his revenge. As his plan unfolds, Vanessa is forced to flee. Escaping through the sewer, she finds love, heartbreak, and the red beam of a gun sight dancing on the slick, black wall. In the deep dark of the foul pipe, she also discovers she has been betrayed. That’s when she learns Texas is real.

An excerpt:


Morning was a small mercy. At the window, Vanessa pulled a few dry crumbs of cooked, ground beef from her pocket. Lint covered and rank with garlic, they were a treasure. On the fire escape, the scrawny, gray cat meowed as he picked his way across the metal grate. Just out of reach, he stopped, swishing his tail.

“Here kitty. Here Hercules. Come on, boy,” she called. Her efforts to coax him closer were futile. Until recently, she hadn’t liked cats. Aloof, unresponsive, and arrogant, they had irked her. Now, she hungered for the warmth of his tiny, scabbed body in her arms.

He meowed again. Not wishing to prolong his agony, Vanessa dropped the meat onto the ledge and stepped back. Hercules pounced. Then, without a glance in her direction, he disappeared. Wistfully, she closed the window, twisted her abundant, auburn hair into a bun, and hurried out the door to savor a few, precious minutes in the park. Between the buildings, a shaft of sunlight cut the shadows on the street like a knife. Soon, pigeons would crowd the square and the callers would begin their chants. Vanessa shuddered. The callers were like her nightmares; a daily reminder of a life lived in fear.

At this hour, the park was empty. Tall trees towered above her. Their leaves shimmered in the early light. She settled on her favorite bench near the edge of the concrete square, opened her arms to the sky, and took a deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth, ocean breaths.

Did she still remember yoga? Had they gone for coffee, laughing and gossiping after class? Did she gather with her girlfriends to share tragedies that seemed important then? She rolled her head and closed her eyes. The sun warmed her bare neck. Stilling her mind, she imagined her grandfather’s face. Rich with wrinkles and erratic hairs, it was her totem. He had died years before the rebellion, but she carried his memory like a prayer. He, too, had survived a holocaust. Perhaps she would also live to rejoice in life. Thinking of him, she whispered her daily mantra. “Let them come. Please god, let them come. I’ve earned my vengeance.”

About the author:

Destiny Allison is an award winning sculptor, businesswoman, and community builder, although writing was her first love. As her passion for the written word evolves, Allison is writing what she loves. Pipe Dreams is her fiction debut and other fictional works are soon to follow. In 2012, she published Shaping Destiny: A quest for meaning in art and life and it recently took first place honors in the non-fiction/memoir category in the 2013 LuckyCinda Publishing Global Book Contest. In it, Allison reveals the truth that life is art and it is a book Allison felt she had to write. She lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband and dogs, alternately missing and celebrating her three grown sons.

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