Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tourstop/giveaway: TC Anthony and Three Stages of Love: Lust


Today, TC Anthony has stopped by and brought with her an excerpt of her debut novel Three Stages of Love: Lust plus two e-copies of her book for two lucky winners.

From the blurb:

Three Stages of Love: Lust is the first book in a suspenseful new erotic romance series that explores the questions that young women have while embarking on their journey through life and love. Eva’s transformation from prim and proper to fun and dominating proves to be one of the most erotically intriguing personal makeovers around. Her passion for her career and life goals ultimately gives way to uninhibited encounters that leave her intoxicated and yearning for more. Eva’s emotional battle between her heart and mind leave her juggling with a desire to have it all and a profound fear of losing everything. Written to illustrate the average, driven woman’s point of view, Three Stages of Love: Lust tackles the everyday fears and desires that young women have in an intoxicatingly erotic way. A gripping, palpitation-inducing romance full of underlying themes that are extraordinarily relevant to modern women, this enthralling erotic novel by T. C. Anthony is a must-read for women of all backgrounds.


I was furious and yet filled with excited emotions that he had entered a forbidden place just to get me alone. "What the hell are you doing? I doubt you are stupid, but the men's bathroom is the one where the stick figure on the door isn't wearing a dress."
I stepped forward, showing my ability to be strong in his presence. "Oh, and this note. I don't get it, but I will tell you this: I don't like people snooping into my business, and the loveliness of my voice isn't for your benefit."

And that's when he sprang at me. With a gush of force and wind, he held me, ass pasted to the vanity. His large wide hands gripped my neck, pulling me into his mouth without a breath lost. His moves were surprising and swift. He was forceful but soft in his hold. I couldn't believe he was doing this. I tried to get a word in between his lapping caresses, but his luscious lips bound me with every lick of his tongue that explored me, entrapping me in his kiss.
"Stop these games Evangeline. You have already disclosed in your most uninhibited state that you want to fuck me so stop trying to pretend you hate me; it only makes me want you more."
He was right on point but I couldn't let him win this battle. Forcing him off of me by his shoulders, I managed to spurt out with gasping breaths, "I do not want to fuck you! Do you know who you are fucking with?"
It was just me; but it always sounded threatening in movies so I decided to play the pretend card. Alexander giggled and then, lifting me by my ass cheeks with ease, he bounced me onto the vanity and pressed himself between my legs. I continued to fight and struggle free, but there was no hope. I was truthfully not fighting. Because all in all, deep within me, I wanted this, just as he had guessed.
He grabbed my wrists vigorously and scolded me, "Stop fighting me. And to answer your question, no, I don't know who I am fucking with. But, I do know who I will be fucking." As he let go of my wrists, our mouths merged. Falling into pace with his tongue, I stroked him, nibbling his plush lips and wrestling with his tongue for more.
(*fans self*)

Three Stages of Love: Lust (#1)

About the author:

T.C. Anthony is a 30-something wife and mother of two. Born in Southern Italy, Anthony has been a proud New Yorker since the age of 5. An executive in the healthcare sector, she is 50% modern, ambitious New York businesswoman and 50% old world Italian mother and wife who enjoys feeding and taking care of everyone around her. Three Stages of Love: Lust is T.C. Anthony’s first novel, and the debut installment in her Three Stages of Love erotic romance suspense trilogy.

Three Stages of Love: Lust is currently available in paperback via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace and as an e-book via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and forthcoming on iBooks.

Website: http://www.tcanthonybooks.com

Twitter: @tcanthonybooks

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Enter the giveaway for your chance to win an e-copy of Three Stages of Love: Lust. There are multiple ways to enter. Good luck!! 


  1. Thank you for the excerpt. I will be adding this to my TBRs.

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  2. Great excerpt, definitely adding to my TBR listing!

  3. Thank you. Can't wait to read it.

  4. I so can't wait to read this! This is going to be a yummy book! :)


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