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Guest Review by Rameau - Sand & Water by Shae Connor

Sand & WaterSand & Water by Shae Connor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Review edited as per request of the publisher on February 29th. See the comments on Goodreads for more.

I admit I'd be heartbroken if I ever found out this was one of those plagiarised works.

Because I really, really liked this story.

I liked the sweetness of it. I liked it even when it bordered eye-roll-inducing sappiness.

I liked how everything was so delightfully normal. I liked how family and friends didn't just disappear when the crushing started.

I liked how John never forgot to put his daughter first. I liked how Bryan loved that about John.

I liked that there was a happy hetero-relationship model in the book too.

I liked that no one was vilified to make the gays look better.

I liked the slow-build of the romance. I liked the talking that came before the kisses. I liked the kisses that came before dry-humping. I liked the dry humping that came before the actual sex. And I liked...

I liked how the story was about more than just romance. I liked how it was about the coming to terms with a loss, the moving on with your life, and the falling in love again.

I liked how not everyone was supportive or even accepting.

I liked how it was about forgiveness.

I liked how this was imperfect story with few too many artificial emphasis on just how manly and gay John and Bryan are.

I liked how a few questions remained unanswered, because real life rarely gives us any answers at all.

I liked the quietness of it.

I liked how it ended in a place of hope and happiness.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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  1. (Same comment was posted on Goodreads under my review.)

    I was contacted by the NetGalley staff alerting me that the publisher had requested I'd only review the book and omit my negative comments about the publisher. I don't think this is an unreasonable request considering Goodreads doesn't allow any remarks about the author's behaviour on the reviews either, so I'm posting here the first paragraph of my original review:

    Having been so thoroughly disappointed with my latest attempts at reading both GLBT and hetero-romances, I was hesitant to pick up this book. It didn't help that the book was published by Dreamspinner, a company, which actively encourages people to profit from intellectual property theft. I don't believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and I don't think all Dreamspinner authors should be defamed, but I admit I'd be heartbroken if I ever found out this was one of those plagiarised works.

    Emphasis added later. See, I didn't think my little comment was such a huge deal until they contacted me. I just didn't think I could write a review without commenting on something that was on my mind while reading the book. Now I'm just irate. In case you don't know what this is about, here are the links to Dear Author's blog post, which originally alerted me to the issue and to the Dreamspinner editor's blog post.

    I know not all Dreamspinner authors and staff are plagiarists and I certainly don't expect an individual editor to know all fandoms well enough to recognise all pulled to publish fanfiction. I do however think that anyone encouraging writers to retouch their fanfics in order to profit from them is acting irresponsibly.

    If you write a story and post it as a fanfic, then it is a fanfic. You can't just decide it's original enough to stand alone or that it never truly was a fanfic simply by changing the names. Now, if you want to start from scratch and explore the same theme with a different set of characters you've created in a world you've built, that's different. Profiting from something that once was acknowledged as a fanfic is profiting from intellectual property theft. That's the line I draw. It might not be yours, but it is mine.


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