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Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

Adam (Nightwalkers, #6)Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

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The last book of the series starts out with a huge WTF moment. We are immediately, without warning and without regards to our fragile hearts, thrown into the midst of a battle scene between the Demon Enforcers and the evil duo, Ruth and Nicodemus. In grisly detail, we are forced to watch the deaths of Jacob and Isabella, right in front of their daughter who barely escapes with her life.

My reaction:


I wasn't prepared for this. I had to force myself to continue, with a box of tissues handy as the author describes life 10 years later. It was as if all the happiness had been sucked out of me and I started looking around for these creatures, thinking I was in the wrong book:


Of course, Ms. Frank has a plan. Leah, as you will remember from book 1, is the first child of Time. She sure helped Noah in getting his mate and after 10 years of misery without her parents, she has devised, discarded and resurrected a plan to change the past and her own future.

Adam is Jacob's older brother. He was mentioned in one or more of the earlier books as having disappeared without a trace some 400 years ago and is assumed to have been summoned and died.

Yeah - not so much. Turns out that Leah went back in time and found Adam. She transports him forward to the exact moment of her parents' deaths and with Adam's help, they manage to defeat Ruth and Nicodemus (who's now the one dying in that battle).

And then things get really interesting!

In her 6th book, Ms. Frank ties up most of the loose ends and brings peace, love and much hope to the world she created. I'm reminded a lot of how J.K. Rowling ended her series - that a lot of the things that happen in the earlier books have a purpose that isn't revealed until the final.

And I continue to be impressed by the writing itself - showing, not telling - and the exquisite way Ms. Frank describes the emotional bonds between mates as well as the love scenes. They're explicit without resorting to crude language and so emotionally charged that it's hard to not get burned by the passion between bonded mates.

After reading devouring this series (Thanks, Michelle), I can only recommend it to anyone who loves PNR set within a well-thought out world, with a large dose of action and some hot loving.

This was a great read, and I can see myself re-reading these books sometime down the road.

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  1. I'd say I'm sorry about the tears...but I'm not! (insert wicked evil laugh here!) This is all about a journey. You pay for your ticket when you buy the book. Sure, you have certain preset expectations...scenery etc...but other than that its my job to take you on a very wild ride! I am glad I succeeded in your eyes.

    Hugs and Kitties,
    Jacki Frank


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