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Blogtour: Jace’s Trial by JM Wolf


Book Title: Jace’s Trial (Trials in Abingdon Book One)

Author: JM Wolf

Publisher: Encompass Ink

Cover Artist: Rue Volley

Genre/s: May/December, Contemporary Romance, HEA, 

Length: 87K Words/230 Pages

This is Book 1 in the series, but can be read as a standalone story. No cliffhanger.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains content of physical and mental abuse, grieving, and bottled emotions.


Life is a trial full of obstacles that stand between you and your goals. Do you have the courage to face your own trial?

Jace Garrison was a musical prodigy at Juilliard ready to take the world by storm. Everything he could ever want out of life was unfolding right before his eyes, until everything came crashing down at once.

With his muse gone, along with everything he loved, will Jace find the courage to move on?

Former Navy SEAL Gerard Ramhart had always played by his family's rules and traditions. Until he fell in love with Riley Garrison. Unfortunately, before Gerard had the courage to propose to the man he loved, Riley's life was taken away. Gerard was left devastated, with only his memories of Riley and the pain of losing him to keep him going.

One year after Riley's death, Gerard finally makes it to Riley's hometown in Abingdon, Virginia and meets his son Jace for the very first time. Two men grieving over the loss they shared, and during their time of heartache, something blossoms. Can Gerard help Jace find the will to live the life he's meant to have? And can Jace find his muse and accept his feelings for Gerard, despite the fact that Gerard once belonged to his father?


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I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I sat up on his lap, his arms falling to his sides, but he remained motionless. I stared in awe as I began trailing my fingers up his body, from his hip bones, trailing along his defined abdominal muscles, up his pectorals feeling the tuffs of chest hair tickling the skin of my fingers. I continued from his collarbone and up his neck until my palms rested on the man’s cheeks. Gerard stirred, but never woke. 
I tilted my head slightly and marveled at the man that once held my father’s heart, but now was quickly beginning to worm his way into mine. I wished I knew an artist who would be able to capture Gerard's face on paper perfectly so that I could look at it every night after his trip in Abingdon was over. I didn’t want to think of him leaving. I just wanted to revel in the stunning work of art that was Gerard Ramhart. All man, all muscle, and how I wanted him to be mine. I wasn’t afraid to admit it to myself anymore. I wanted him, so fucking bad; but would he ever be mine? Would I ever get to feel what it was like to be his? Would I ever know what it was like to have his lips on mine?

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Author Of The Month - Jamie Fessenden - Grand Finale

Welcome to our Grand Finale celebrations for the amazing

In today's post, we'll look at The Rules, and By That Sin Fell The Angels. We also have our author interview and one more chance to win one of Jamie's books.

First up, The Rules

Cover by Reese Dante

When Hans Bauer, a college student in New Hampshire, accepts a job as a housekeeper for an older gay couple, he soon learns the reason they've hired someone with no experience is that professional agencies won't work there. Thomas is a successful businessman whose biggest goal in life appears to be giving his husband anything he wants. Boris is a writer who immigrated to this country from Russia, and suffers from depression and PTSD because of the things he endured in his native country.

He also refuses to wear clothes—ever.

While Hans is working alone in the house with Naked Boris all day, things start getting a little weird. Boris gets flirtatious and Hans backs away, not wanting to come between him and his husband. So Boris calls Thomas at work and asks permission.

At that moment, The Rules are born—rules about touching and kissing and pet names that the three men use to keep jealousies at bay, as they explore the possibilities in a new type of relationship....

WARNING: This story deals with themes of sexual assault and past abuse.


Hans was curious about Boris’s tumultuous relationship with his family, particularly why he allowed them to stay for long visits every two or three years when he acted as if he couldn’t stand them. But it wasn’t a subject Boris enjoyed talking about, and it wasn’t any of his business. However, he needed to know if there was anything he should or should not do, while they were here.
“Well….” Thomas looked uneasy when Hans voiced his concerns and glanced at Boris for help.
Boris examined his pizza crust before putting it back in the box. “We need a dog.” There were always leftover crusts when they had pizza, because he hated them. “As far as how you should act around my family, that depends.”
“On what?”
“On whether you want this visit to blow up like a bomb or go like it usually does—tense, with everybody tiptoeing around, afraid to say what they really think.”
“We don’t want it to blow up like a bomb,” Thomas said sternly.
Boris shrugged. “Too bad.”
“Boris, we go through this every time. If you want to cut ties with your family, I’ll support you, but—”
“No. Papa has a stick up his butt, and Ilya is an asshole, but I would be sad if I never saw Mama again.”
Thomas stood and looked at his boyfriends with his hands on his hips. “Hans, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to do something—just for when the parents are here. I don’t want you to feel hurt.”
Hans had been expecting this, and he was emotionally prepared for it. “I know. We can’t fuck around while the family is visiting, and I won’t be able to sleep in your room. We’ll have to act like I’m just the cleaning person.”
“No,” Boris said sympathetically. “Not the ‘cleaning person.’ We have told them you are a friend who does some work around the house in exchange for a room. I do not want them treating you like a servant.”
“Thanks.” It would still be hard. Never mind having to forego sex, Hans would have to be careful about touching them or sneaking a quick peck on the cheek. It was going to suck.
Thomas waved them into the living room. “That isn’t what I meant. I was talking about this.” He nodded at the oil painting above the mantel.
“Oh,” Hans said.
“I’m sorry, Hans. You know how much I love this painting, but I can’t have Boris’s mom confronted by my life-sized dick when she walks into this room.”
“It is smaller than life-size,” Boris insisted, “or the painting would not fit above the fireplace.”
“Besides, your face is hidden.”
“It’s still a naked man, and did I mention the part about your mother seeing it?”
“Fine, fine.”
Hans understood where Thomas was coming from. He’d been embarrassed enough the one time his mother and her boyfriend had come to the college gallery and seen his nudes hanging there. And those hadn’t been him. “I’m not bothered,” he said. “I’ll store it in my studio while they’re here.”
“Thank you,” Thomas said.
Hans looked at Boris’s naked body critically. “What about this nude? Should I stash Boris in the studio too?”
“I will have to wear sweatpants while they are here,” Boris said miserably. “The visit cannot be short enough.”

Get the book:

Secondly today, By That Sin Fell The Angels 

Cover by Paul Richmond

2nd Edition

It begins with a 3:00 a.m. telephone call. On one end is Terry Bachelder, a closeted teacher. On the other, the suicidal teenage son of the local preacher. When Terry fails to prevent disaster, grief rips the small town of Crystal Falls apart.

At the epicenter of the tragedy, seventeen-year-old Jonah Riverside tries to make sense of it all. Finding Daniel’s body leaves him struggling to balance his sexual identity with his faith, while his church, led by the Reverend Isaac Thompson, mounts a crusade to destroy Terry, whom Isaac believes corrupted his son and caused the boy to take his own life.

Having quietly crushed on his teacher for years, Jonah is determined to clear Terry’s name. That quest leads him to Eric Jacobs, Daniel’s true secret lover, and to get involved in Eric’s plan to shake up their small-minded town. Meanwhile, Rev. Thompson struggles to make peace between his religious convictions and the revelation of his son's homosexuality. If he can’t, he leaves the door open to eternal damnation—and for a second tragedy to follow.

1st Edition published by Itineris Press, August 2012.


“I had something else I wanted to talk about.” Jonah’s stomach was knotting up. This was probably a very bad idea.
“I couldn’t care less.”
Jonah decided to ignore that. Eric was never going to invite him to have a conversation, but as long as he didn’t run away, Jonah figured he’d just keep talking, regardless. “You’re gay, right?”
That elicited a look of utter contempt.
“I mean, it’s not just that you’re different and everybody says you’re gay to torture you. You really are gay?” It was becoming hard to breathe, like there was something pressing down on his chest.
“So that makes it okay that everyone tortures me?”
“No,” Jonah said quickly. “It’s not. Not at all. I just—”

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ARC Review: Hard Line (The Woodbury Boys, #2) by Sidney Bell

Hard Line (The Woodbury Boys, #2)
Premed student Tobias Benton is making amends for his past. He keeps his head down, mouth shut and colors within the lines. But when his close friend Ghost goes missing, Tobias will do whatever it takes to get answers—including using blackmail to enlist some help. The last thing he’s looking for is romance.

Private investigator Sullivan Tate isn’t above a little breaking and entering to solve a case, but when Tobias catches him in the act, it’s almost game over. Their uneasy alliance only gets more complicated when Sullivan learns that Tobias shares his interest in kink. Mixing sex and work could kill Sullivan’s career, but Tobias’s acceptance of Sullivan’s darkest urges is nearly impossible to resist.

Side by side, Tobias and Sullivan spend their days searching for the truth and their nights fulfilling their respective fantasies. But the answers they seek are far more dangerous than they realize, and soon they find themselves fighting for more than just each other.

Jewel's rating:

Hard Line is the second book in Sidney Bell's "The Woodbury Boys" series. In my opinion, you will get the most out of this story if you have read book 1, Loose Canon, first. In book 1, you get a lot of background on the boys, especially Ghost, how it is that Gost got himself into his current predicament. Loose Canon is my favorite of the series, so far, too, though I enjoyed this one quite a lot as well.

Tobias Benton is the adopted son of Haitian immigrants. Of the three friends from Woodbury, Tobias seems like the one most likely to be successful. His adopted parents are doctors, he has several siblings, also adopted, he's always had food and clothes and education. But he's always put a lot pf pressure on himself and has abandonment issues and anxiety. Don't think for a second that just because he has had some privilege growing up that he doesn't have problems, because he does. He's a little bit broken, and he's afraid if he doesn't meet the expectations people have for him, that they will leave. Tobias broke my heart just a little bit with that.

Sullivan Tate, conversely, is confident, and worldly. He has tattoos and a mohawk, so he looks like trouble, but he's a stand up guy who would do anything for those he cares about. He's intelligent, bored easily, and wants to do more than just serve up subpoenas at his PI job. He's desperate to really show what he can do. And though he hasn't practiced in a while, because of an ex that didn't understand, Sullivan is a Dom who has finally found his match.

Release Blitz: Omega's Prince by Bella Bennet


Book Title: Omega's Prince (#5 Baby Makes Three series)

Author: Bella Bennet

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Cosmic Letterz

Genre/s: contemporary gay romance, non-shifter mpreg

Length: 58,000 words 

It can be read as a standalone story.


An Omega too famous to find love.

As an Olympic figure skater, Jeff was a celebrity. He had no problem finding men to date, but finding men that wanted him for himself and not his fame? Not so much.

An Alpha too far from the throne to matter.

Prince Henrik was used to living in the public eye, but as the head of the Swedish delegation to the Olympic Games, he was in the spotlight more than ever. So when he had a chance to sneak into the Olympic Village and attend one of their infamous parties, he took it.

It was just a one-night stand.

Sassy Jeff was more than a match for the hot, tall blond on the dance floor ...and in bed. But there was no chance of them working out. They were too different, and the Swede had a secret.

They went their separate ways, but...

Jeff couldn't stop thinking about the hot Swede. He never did tell Jeff what sport he was in or why he was at the Games.

Prince Henrik threw himself into government work, trying to drown the memories of that amazing figure skater that wouldn't text him back.

And when Jeff arrived at his castle, things got complicated.

Can Prince Henrik tame the skittish figure skater Jeff and prove that their relationship could work, especially with a baby on the way?

Omega's Prince is a 50,000 word Mpreg romance with heartache and humor, hot sexting, royalty, steamy sex, babies and blissfully ever after.


THE BLOND GOD was finally standing in front of me. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, even though I had to because I was going to turn down the other men surrounding me. I was flattered, don't get me wrong. I’m always flattered when a man expresses his interest in me. But there was no competition between the blond god and anyone else in the room. He was gorgeous. Tall, blond, beautiful eyebrows, square jaw and a piercing gaze. I was a goner.

I hadn’t matched with him on Tinder or Grindr, which surprised me. Every athlete, absolutely everyone here in the Olympic Village, had opened up Tinder the second they landed at the beginning of the Games. And I'm pretty damn sure I would've matched with this guy because he was everything I was looking for. I couldn't tell what country he was with but the I think that flag on his shirt was for one of those cold countries. What did it even matter? If I was lucky, I was going to get pillaged by a Viking tonight. It was gonna be my own little Viking invasion.

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