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Author Of The Month - N.R. Walker - Week Three

Welcome to our third week of celebrations for the fabulous 

In today's post, we're going to take a look at the Spencer Cohen series, as well as Blood And Milk. Nic is also going to share how she started writing. Plus, all the way at the bottom, we will have another chance to win one of her books.

First up, Spencer Cohen 1


Spencer Cohen is the guy who gets answers to relationship questions. Playing the role of the new lover, his job is to make his client’s ex realise one of two things: he doesn’t want to break up or he really does. Either way, his client gets answers.

The ex would either apologize and beg, or turn and walk. But in the end, Spencer’s client won. If he wanted his ex back and got him, it was great. If the guy walked away, then as hard it was for the client, he knew it was over. Regardless of the outcome, Spencer’s work was done.

Andrew Landon’s ex left him without so much as an explanation. But his sister can’t stand to see him miserable, so, much to Andrew’s dismay, they hire Spencer to be Andrew’s new boyfriend to get the ex back.
For Spencer, it is never personal. Merely a business transaction. No emotions, no strings, no complications.

Yeah right.

Even a blind man could see how this would end.


Then I realised his piano was just sitting there, all neglected and unplayed, and I really wanted to hear what he could do. “Would you play me something on your piano?”
Andrew’s eyes shot to mine, wide and shocked, as though I’d just asked him to have sex with me. “Um…”
“You don’t have to,” I said, giving him an out.
“Are you sure?”
I scoffed. “Of course I’m sure.” Actually, there wasn’t much else I was sure about. But hearing him play the piano was a definite yes.
“What will I play?”
“First thing you think of.”
He blinked a couple of times, still so unsure, and walked over to the piano. He sat down slowly and put his fingers to the keys. And without another word, he took a deep breath and started to play.
Such a sweet song, with patient, perfectly timed finesse. I’d never heard anything like it.
I didn’t know what the song was called, who wrote it, composed it, nothing. But it stole my breath. It wasn’t just the music. It was the man who made angels sing from his piano. He stole my breath, how his hands moved, how he closed his eyes and got lost in the music, how he coerced the sounds from the piano with his whole body. And when his hands fell to his lap and the last note hung in the air, I couldn’t find the words.
Andrew glanced at me, before he looked back at the piano and he exhaled through puffed out cheeks.
I swallowed down the emotions, the butterflies that swarmed my chest. He was waiting for me to respond, so I told him the God’s honest truth. The best I could manage was a whisper. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.”
He gave me a coy, embarrassed smile. “Don’t you mean heard?”
“Isn’t that what I said?” I asked, confused. My heart was still pounding, an erratic metronome. I was sure I said heard.
Andrew shook his head and smiled down at his hands. “Better than ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley?”
I laughed off my embarrassment at my own reaction to him. “Andrew, that was incredible. What song was it?”
“Just something I wrote.”
I scoffed. “Are you kidding me? You wrote that?”
He nodded.
“Just something I wrote.” I mimicked his voice. “No, a grocery list is just something you write, that—that”—I waved my hand at his piano,—“was, my God, Andrew, that was so… incredible.” There just wasn’t another word for it.
The smile he gave me was pure relief and maybe a dash of pride. “Thank you.”
I had to stop myself from walking over and touching him. From putting my hands to his face and kissing him. From taking his hand and leading him upstairs to bed. I wanted to. Fuck, how I wanted to.
And I knew then that I was in over my head.
Somewhere, somehow, I’d let myself cross the line. And I hadn’t just merely stepped over it. Oh no. I’d crossed that line like Usain freakin’ Bolt. And instead of putting a stop to it, instead of stepping back and doing my actual job, my stupid heart went and spoke before my stupid brain.
“Play it again.”

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Second in the series, Spencer Cohen 2


Finally going from fake-boyfriends to the real thing, Spencer Cohen and Andrew Landon are trying to take things slow. They know what they have could be something special and despite the flammable sexual tension, they don’t want to crash and burn.

Spencer is learning to open up, sharing the secrets of his past with Andrew. Afraid to put his heart on the line, yet seemingly unable to stop it, Spencer knows he’s falling in love with him. Andrew is petrified of leaping in blindly, yet it seems the slower they go, the faster they fall.

As they navigate their new relationship, Spencer worries Andrew will freak out when he takes on a new client. But it’s not a normal case and Spencer soon realises things are not what they seem. When things take a downward turn and they work together to help the client, Spencer and Andrew need to decide if they’re ready for the next step.

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Thirdly, Spencer Cohen 3


Learning to be in a committed relationship has been easy for Spencer. In fact, too easy. Andrew has fit into his life seamlessly. Spencer’s let go of his insecurities and hang-ups, and he and Andrew are enjoying where things are headed.

For the first time in years, Spencer’s life is unbelievably perfect. Andrew overthinks everything. So when Spencer gets a phone call from Australia, he’s certain Spencer will push him away.

But instead of driving them apart, maybe it will solidify what they already have. Maybe Spencer will depend on Andrew more than ever. Maybe the Spencer Cohen story will come full circle, and maybe, just maybe, Spencer will have the happily ever after he never thought possible.

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And the final book, Yanni's Story

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Arc Review: Once Upon a Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt

Once Upon a Christmas Eve (Maiden Lane, #12.6)From the blurb:

Adam Rutledge, Viscount d'Arque, really rather loathes Christmas. The banal cheerfulness. The asinine party games. And, worst of all, the obligatory trip to the countryside. His grandmother, however, loves the holiday - and Adam loves his grandmother, so he'll brave the fiercest snowstorm to please her. But when their carriage wheel snaps, they're forced to seek shelter at the home of the most maddening, infuriating, and utterly beguiling woman he's ever met.... 
Sarah St. John really rather loathes rakes. The self-satisfied smirks. The sly predatory gazes. Oh, and the constant witty banter rife with double meaning. But in the spirit of the season, she'll welcome this admittedly handsome viscount into her home. But as the snowstorm rages, the Yule log crackles, and the tension rises, Sarah and Adam find themselves locked in a fiery, passionate kiss. If love is the true meaning of Christmas, it's the one gift this mismatched pair can't wait to unwrap.

Heather's rating:

A sweet holiday novella, perfect for those who like historical romance shorts and appropriate for those new to the Maiden Lane series.

Though I own quite a few books in Elizabeth Hoyt's Maiden Lane series, I haven't actually read any (I know, I know!). However, I'm a sucker for a cute Christmas story, so I decided to give this one a whirl.

ARC Review: Familiar Angel by Amy Lane

From The Blurb:
One hundred and forty years ago, Harry, Edward, and Francis met an angel, a demon, and a sorceress while escaping imprisonment and worse! They emerged with a new family—and shapeshifting powers beyond their wildest dreams. 
Now Harry and his brothers use their sorcery to rescue those enslaved in human trafficking—but Harry’s not doing so well. Pining for Suriel the angel has driven Harry to take more and more risks until his family desperately asks Suriel for an intervention. 
In order for Suriel to escape the bindings of heaven, he needs to be sure enough of his love to fight to be with Harry. Back when they first met, Harry was feral and angry, and didn’t know enough about love for Suriel to justify that risk. Can Suriel trust in Harry enough now to break his bonds of service for the boy who has loved his Familiar Angel for nearly a century and a half?

Karen's rating:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an angel, a demon and a witch became friends...

It's been a hundred and forty years since Harry, Edward and Francis found themselves in the wrong place at what turned out to be the right time for them.

Life in a brothel was neither safe nor good for the three boys and Harry and Edward were determined to keep Francis safe from the darker side of brothel life. When things became too dangerous Harry and Edward knew that the only way to keep Francis safe was to flee. Trapped in a grove and hiding among some bushes the boys are witness to a meeting of supernatural angel, a witch and a demon and his protege. As events unfold what the boys come to think might be their undoing turns out to be their salvation and they are swept away to begin a life that none of them had ever dared to hope they would be a part of.

This was also the first time that Harry would meet the angel, Suriel. Over the next 140 years as the boys learn magic and what it's like to truly have a family and they come to find what they believe to be their purpose in the save those who have been enslaved.

Throughout the intervening years Suriel remains a part of their lives and slowly he and Harry develop their own special bond and for the most part 'Familiar Angel' is their story, but it's also a lot more than that because there's so much more to this story than just a love story between Suriel and Harry. There's a lot of background in this story for all of the characters  this story covers the beginnings as a family for Harry, Edward, Francis, Emma (the witch), Leonard (the demon & Emma's lover) and  Bel (Emma & Leonard's son). As well we are given Suriel's background and a glimpse of Mullins (Leonard's protege).

Blogtour: Tribute Act by Joanna Chambers

Please welcome Joanna Chambers with 

Tribute Act 

Porthkennack #8 

Hello, book lovers! I’m Joanna Chambers, and this is the blog tour for Tribute Act, my new romance which is book #8 in the Riptide's Cornwall-set Porthkennack series. I’ll be sharing thoughts on writing my first full length contemporary, writing Christmas songs as an extreme form of authorly procrastination and my love of men with sad eyes. Please join me for a chance to win a copy of the book and a $25 Riptide gift card!


Nathan Bridges hadn’t intended to settle down in his hometown of Porthkennack—he just ended up staying after saving the family business from ruin. The truth is, Nathan can’t stop himself from stepping in when problems arise. He’s a fixer, the man everyone turns to. But even fixers can’t solve everything.

When Nathan’s sister needs an organ transplant, it’s his stepbrother, Mack, who the family turns to as Rosie’s only potential living donor. Nathan’s curiosity about the stepbrother he’s never met turns to shock when he realises that Mack is his latest—and hottest ever—one-night stand.

Nathan and Mack agree to forget their single night together, but that’s easier said than done. When Mack moves in to Nathan’s place to recuperate after surgery, it’s not just the sexual tension between them that keeps growing. Against all the odds, and despite Mack’s wariness of intimacy, the two men grow close enough that Nathan begins to wonder what it would take to mend the rift that’s kept Mack and his father estranged for over a decade . . . and whether Mack might consider staying with Nathan in Porthkennack for good.

Get the book:

About the series:

Welcome to Porthkennack, a charming Cornish seaside town with a long and sometimes sinister history. Legend says King Arthur's Black Knight built the fort on the headland here, and it’s a certainty that the town was founded on the proceeds of smuggling, piracy on the high seas, and the deliberate wrecking of cargo ships on the rocky shore. Nowadays it draws in the tourists with sunshine and surfing, but locals know that the ghosts of its Gothic past are never far below the surface.

This collaborative story world is brought to you by five award-winning, best-selling British LGBTQ romance authors: Alex Beecroft, Joanna Chambers, Charlie Cochrane, Garrett Leigh, and JL Merrow. Follow Porthkennack and its inhabitants through the centuries and through the full rainbow spectrum with historical and contemporary stand-alone titles.

Check out Porthkennack!

About the author:
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